1999 till today


Milestones: The history of Testo Industrial Services


The history of Testo Industrial Services GmbH commenced in 1999 with the foundation of the independent subsidiary Testo CAL. Testo CAL came into being from a division of the Testo SE & Co. KGaA; it commenced with a few employees and the motivation to provide customized metrological services. The consequent pursuit of the service idea related with the courage to continually open up new markets led to the success of Testo Industrial Services. Today a team of 500 employees provides for the compliance with quality standards in the industry.

Our history will give you an overview of the milestones in the company history and will inform you about future developments. 


  • Testoterm is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.
  • The first calibrations are performed.



  • Foundation of the division calibration service KLD at Lenzkirch
  • Accreditation of the DKD laboratory Temperature
  • Accreditation of the DKD laboratory Humidity



  • Starting with calibrations on site at the customer's premises
  • Accreditation of the DKD laboratory Flow velocity



  • First calibration of engine test beds



  • Setup of the calibration centre at Ingolstadt
  • Foundation of the Testo CAL GmbH
  • DKD accreditation for surface temperature



  • Accreditation of the DKD laboratory pressure
  • First qualification of pharmaceutical installations according to FDA/GMP



  • Setup of the calibration centre at Marburg



  • Take-over of the DKD laboratory for electrical measurands at Munich
  • Accreditation for DKD Pressure on site



  • Accreditation of electrical measurands for high frequency applications
  • Accreditation for DKD Temperature on site
  • Changing the name to Testo Industrial Services GmbH



  • Moving the management to Kirchzarten nearby Freiburg i.Br.
  • Foundation of the subsidiary Testo industrial services empresarial S.A., Barcelona/Spain



  • Accreditation of dimensional measurands
  • PRIMAS – Online portal for equipment management



  • Moving the laboratories of Testo industrial services from Lenzkirch to Kirchzarten
  • Accreditation for electrical measurands on site
  • DKD extensions: Noble thermal elements with a measurement uncertainity of 0.8°C




  • Foundation of the subsidiary Testo industrial services AG, Egg/Switzerland 
  • New laboratory at the site in Munich:
    Moving to Karlsfeld nearby Munich
  • DKD extensions:
    DC resistance (m.u. from 0.5 ppm on)
    DC voltage (m.u. from 0.5 ppm on)
    Humidity dew point up to -35° Tpt



  • Take-over of Cameco Messtechnik at Pforzheim by Testo industrial services,
    together with the DKD accreditation at the site Pforzheim for electrical and dimensional measurands
  • Testo industrial services AG, Egg/Switzerland:
    Accreditation for electrical and dimensional measurands
  • Extension of the functions on the online portal for equipment management PRIMAS online
  • Award as "Service provider of the year 2008" in the category service innovations by the Ministry of Economics Baden-Württemberg



  • DKD accreditation at the site Kirchzarten for volumetric flow, mass flow and the electrical measurands DC voltage, DC current, DC resistance, DC output, AC voltage, AC current, capacity, inductivity, frequency, time interval, oscilloscope, temperature simulation
  • Foundation of the calibration centre Essen
  • PRIMAS exchange: PRIMAS exchange allows the easy automated data exchange between customised MES-/CAQ systems and the calibration service provider.
  • PNEUMATOR pressure calibrator and pressure measuring instrument: Development and market launch of the device in the desk top format which distinguishes itself by its broad stationary as well as mobile application.
  • Accreditation of dimensional measurands at the site Karlsfeld
  • Accreditation of dimensional measurands at the site Essen
  • Accreditation for temperature at the site CH/Egg
  • Development of the service product MODUS: Modular quality services by Testo industrial services – offering the unique customised selection of the services validation, qualification and calibration in the pharmaceutical field.
  • Development of validation standards for the Testo SAVERIS system



  • Start of construction works of the third section at the site Kirchzarten
  • Changeover from DKD to DAkkS
  • DKD-/DAkkS accreditation for the measurand accelation at the site Kirchzarten
  • Again among the top two at the service competition of the Ministry of Economics Baden-Württemberg
  • Setup of the new laboratory for the calibration of high frequency measurands
  • Qualification/calibration project at Novartis Vaccines (250 system qualifications and more than 1400 measuring points)



  • Accreditation in the high frequency field
  • New accreditation of all measurands by the DAkkS; minimised measurement uncertainties
  • Calibration of pipettes
  • Move to a new building in Essen
  • Completion and solemn opening of the third stage of construction in Kirchzarten including a new training centre, recreation rooms for the employees and a bistro. With the extension there is new room for 100 additional working places.
  • Take-over of the Testo laboratory at Cabrils, Spain
  • New logistic centre at the site Hannover
  • Extension of the service portfolio: Calibration of pipettes on site at your premises
  • Move of the Regio-Centre Marburg to a larger site
  • Successful completion of the GMP upgrade at B.Braun in Sempach/CH 



  • Opening of our new Rhein-Main-Neckar location in Ludwigshafen
  • New mobile calibration lab
  • Relaunch of PRIMAS online
  • New office of Testo Industrial Services Spain in Madrid
  • Extension of our temperature primary lab involving calibrations on triple point cells and for standard resistors
  • HV calibration up to 50KV
  • New location for logistical processing in Ingolstadt
  • Certification of Testo Industrial Services Switzerland according to ISO 9001
  • Incorporation of Testo Industrial Services France in our TIS group
  • TIS Spain and TIS France move into new buildings


  • New service center in Winsen, near Hamburg
  • Expansion of the head office in Kirchzarten
  • Expansion of service portfolio by purity measurements of compressed air and process gases
  • Number of employees exceeds the 400 mark in Germany and the 500 mark in Europe


  • 20 years DAkkS accreditation
  • Foundation Testo Industrial Services GmbH Austria
  • One of a kind: Measuring robots for length measuring calibrations
  • Establishment of a GMP training center in Kirchzarten
  • Service provider of the year 2014: Testo Industrial Services amongst the Top 3
  • ISO certificate n° 1.000.000 was written


  • Service center Munich moves from Karlsfeld to Dachau
  • Accreditation for flow measurands at the site in Dachau
  • Number of employees exceeds the 500 mark in Germany and the 600 mark in Europe
  • Establishment of a GMP training center in Kirchzarten
  • Most successful year in the companies’ history – Growth >20% / 6,708 Mio. EUR


  • Successful re-accreditation – new DAkkS certificate for five sites and approximately 200 calibration procedures
  • Successful re-certification ISO 9001:2008
  • Number of employees exceeds the 600 mark in Germany and the 700 mark in Europe
  • Jürgen Hinn becomes fourth member of the board of directors at Testo – new compilation of the management team of Testo Industrial Services
  • Ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the building extension in Kirchzarten
  • Organisation of the first company intern type identification event in collaboration with the Registry of Blood Stem Cell Database Freiburg: More than 100 employees participate
  • ISO certificate n° 2.000.000 was written