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Testo equipment management of Testo Industrial Services

Automated data exchange in accordance with VDI/VDE 2623

PRIMAS exchange.

Test equipment management

PRIMAS exchange

Automated data exchange between your MES/CAQ system and your calibration service provider

PRIMAS exchange is a special IT solution of the test equipment management concept PRIMAS by Testo Industrial Services.

PRIMAS exchange allows easy, automated data exchange between your individual MES/CAQ system and Testo Industrial Services. The data transfer is conducted via an individual interface compliant with the VDI/VDE 2623 standard in XML format.

The test equipment data needed for calibration can be transferred via this individual interface to Testo Industrial Services. In the same way, the updated test equipment data including the calibration data and the calibration certificate can be automatically returned to you after calibration. This two-way data exchange via PRIMAS exchange has the advantage of always keeping your MES/CAQ system up to date without the need for any manual maintenance. You also benefit from the option of processing the measured values again, e.g. for trend analyses in your system.

Expert tip

Stefan Hugle, expert for PRIMAS exchange at Testo Industrial Services

“With PRIMAS exchange, you can automatically transfer your calibration data, e.g. all calibration certificates, between your calibration partner and your MES/CAQ system. This means that you don’t need to maintain the data manually and are always up to date.”

PRIMAS exchange

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