Communications engineering

Very special instruments are used in the field communications engineering and in the telecommunication mainly in the field of electro technical measuring technique. Testo Industrial Services is your competent partner in calibrating these devices. Benefit from our knowledge also for your test equipment management..


HF calibration up to 50 GHZ


First class communication engineering stands for a safe and noise-free exploitation, conversion, transmittance, switching, saving and processing of information-bearing signals.
Benefit from our calibration service for your test equipment and thus ensure your high quality standard. 

We calibrate any measuring instruments which you are using being as a service provider. Maintain the quality of your test equipment! Testo Industrial Services is accredited for more than 100 measurands and calibration objects. Thus we are able to calibrate almost all high quality electrical measuring instruments such as e.g. spectrum analysers. We would also be glad to take over the calibration of your EMC laboratory. 
Our service is completed by a documentation complying with the standards and proven in lots of audits.