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Ring comparisons

Suitability test for dimensional measurands: Angle and straightness

A straight edge, a flat angle and a universal angle are used as calibration items. The calibration items are to be calibrated according to the respective VDI guidelines.

  • VDI/VDE/DGQ 2618 Sheet 5.2:2013-08 Test instructions for straight edges
  • VDI/VDE/DGQ/DKD 2618 sheet 7.1:2019-05 with option 1 or 2 Inspection instruction for steel angle 90°
  • VDI/VDE/DGQ 2618 sheet 7.2:2008-07 Test instructions for protractors

Schedule and procedure:
Re-registration deadline:  February 2nd, 2023
Start: February 2023

The proficiency test takes place in a ring pattern, with a stability test performed at least at the beginning and end of the ring comparison. Each participant has two calendar weeks to perform the calibration and forward the calibration items. An exact schedule will be sent to participating labs prior to the start.


The calibration objects are to be calibrated according to the respective VDI guideline.

DesignationStraight edgeFlat angleUniversal protractor with magnifier
Type 46 0095_125 451010_200x130 Form A 45 3500 150
Manufacturer GARANT / Hoffmann GARANT / Hoffmann MARUI-KEIKI

Notice: For the universal protractor, the angles 0° & 180°, 90° and 270°, as well as in the 1. Quadrant to measure the angles 30° and 45.5°. If the angles 30° and 45.5° cannot be calibrated, this must be notified to the coordination at the time of registration, together with details of the angles that will be calibrated instead. Deviations based on your accreditation certificate can be indicated directly in the application. 

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