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Close-Up auf Linearisierungsprotokoll


Check measurement results for linearity

Are the measuring points of your measuring device really distributed linearly over the application range? We can provide you with this proof within your calibration certificate. 

The linearisation record is attached to the calibration certificate. Linearisation can be carried out for ISO/factory calibrations and DAkkS calibrations according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 in all measurement quantities. During linearisation, the measurement points from the calibration are considered and a linear function (a straight line) is approximated to these measurement data. This checks how much the measurement points deviate from the idealised straight line and how close the measurement points are to the limit values from the directive. The result of this check is documented with "pass" or "fail" in the linearity protocol. 

For companies in the automotive industry that want to sell their products on the American market, a linearisation of the calibration values must be carried out according to the guideline 40 CFR ยง1065.307. Other companies can also request linearisation from Testo Industrial Services.

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