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Gebäude des Referenzpartners Dürr Dental


Our new reference: DÜRR DENTAL

We are pleased to now present DÜRR DENTAL and the joint customer project within our reference brochure. DÜRR DENTAL is a leading manufacturer of high-performance extraction systems, innovative and intuitive digital imaging systems and hygiene products for high-performance compressors and extraction systems.

DÜRR DENTAL has been working with our PRIMAS online test equipment management solution for several years. However, inspection planning is carried out separately by the in-house CAQ system. Since the test equipment information is not automatically transferred between PRIMAS online and the CAQ system, this can lead to a discrepancy in data timeliness.

Our solution: With the integration of our web service PRIMAS connect to the CAQ system of DÜRR DENTAL, the gauge data from the test equipment management system PRIMAS online can be automatically retrieved from the CAQ system at any time and thus also transferred to test equipment planning. The production at DÜRR DENTAL is thus able to access the current test equipment status via the web service (PRIMAS connect) during test equipment planning.

Learn more about this project at DÜRR DENTAL:

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