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Ringvergleich für Thermodynamische Messgrößen

Comparative measurement in the low frequency range

A comparison measurement is carried out in the low frequency range for DC resistors. Normal resistors are used as calibration objects.

DC resistance value to be determined for the following values: 

  • 1 Ohm
  • 100 Ohm
  • 10 kOhm

The reference values are determined by the electrical laboratory of Testo Industrial Services by a direct measurement against a reference standard using a resistance measuring bridge in Kirchzarten.

Schedule and procedure:
Expression of interest: until 27 July 2023
Planned start of intercomparison: September 2023

The interlaboratory comparison will take place in a ring, with a stability test at least at the beginning and end of the interlaboratory comparison. Each participating laboratory has two calendar weeks to perform the calibration and forward the calibration items. An exact schedule will be sent to the participating laboratories before the start. 

Are you interested in our next interlaboratory comparison? Then fill out the contact form below by 27 July 2023. We will send you a non-binding offer after 27 July. Participation is only binding once the offer has been accepted and an order confirmation has been sent.

Note: A minimum number of eight participating laboratories is required for this intercomparison to take place.

For more information, see the description.

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