Clean rooms and room air conditioning systems

The clean room qualification is an elementary part of each quality assurance concept. By this qualification it is ensured that low contamination production conditions are generated and maintained according to the clean room class.
By means of the qualification of room air conditioning systems it is guaranteed that the specific performance criteria to attain the purity status are complied with.


Qualification of clean rooms and room air conditioning systems


Benefit from our expertise for the qualification and classification of clean rooms and room air conditioning systems.


Our service in the field of clean room qualification:

  • Qualification IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Performing all measuring technique tests, e.g.
    - Classification measurements
    - Recovery tests
    - Flow measurements
    - Differential pressure measurements
    - Flow visualizations
  • Microbiological monitoring

Our service in the field of room air conditioning systems:

  • Calibration of all test-relevant measuring stations
  • Commissioning and control technology measuring of air conditioning systems and distribution systems
  • The complete processing and performance of all qualification activities, such as e.g.
    - determining the air quantity and climatic conditions
    - all tests in the frame of the installation qualification.

At this, you can decide yourself if you obtain a complete documentation, just the evaluation of the measurements or if we create the documents for you using your design and format. We will agree with you upon your requirements in order that you obtain the service you need.