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News in the PRIMAS section

News and extensions in PRIMAS online.


News and extensions in PRIMAS online

To simplify the management of test equipment

Reliable test equipment management is the basis for your test results and high product quality. Therefore PRIMAS online supports you in the monitoring of your test equipment and thus in ensuring the test equipment requirements.

Besides the gauge quick search, multiple certificate download and individualized adjustments of your users, we have also adapted our design according to your wishes and requirements. So that you do not lose the overview with the multitude of functionalities, we have summarized the news around PRIMAS online.

PRIMAS online

Functional enhancements

Test equipment quick search
With a large number of test equipment, a fast search is essential. With the improved search functionality you can now speed up your direct search via the new search <s>slot</s> field without having to switch to the search mask first. The preselection of the searched field is also made easier for you. Similar to the higher-level search, you do not have to decide in which field the search query is entered.

The days of "auto log-off" are over. In future, you will be able to activate an "endless session" via your personal settings when you log in. This means that you remain logged in until you actively log out again.

Would you like to download the latest calibration certificates of several test equipment at the same time? This is now possible via the multiple certificate download.

Not only the status of your test equipment is important, also the actuality of your PRIMAS version or last registration gives information about your activity status. Therefore every user now receives up-to-date, additional informative information about his account in PRIMAS online. The following information can be viewed in the future:

Last login (date / time)

  • Current login (date / time)
  • Last activity (date / time)
  • Registration date of the user
  • Number of logins
  • Current browser version of the user
  • History of your last sessions
  • Current PRIMAS version including its date
  • Link to the detailed changelog of PRIMAS online in table form

In the gauge search, you can display all gauge details in different tab sheets. With the gauge description you have the most important data of your gauge, no matter which tab sheet you are currently in.  The existing Gauge Information Sheet has been extended by more fields and now also has more content that helps you to see the most important data, such as the due date, at a glance. [Fig. 1]
In addition, the status traffic light has been moved to the toolbar, but without losing the colored escalation status. [Fig. 2]

After the successful registration you will get to your personal start page in PRIMAS online. From now on you can customize the start page. [Fig. 1]
Here you can individualize the order of the start page graphics or [Fig. 2] adjust the order of the tab sheets in the gauge detail view.

If mandatory fields are defined in your PRIMAS online database, these are now also displayed in the corresponding input masks during input. This ensures that your mandatory data is complete.
Here a selection of possible mandatory fields:

  • Test equipment number
  • Inventory number
  • Room
  • Location
  • Cost centre
  • Person responsible for test equipment
  • User
  • Main user
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Representative (from September 2020

In the gauge detail view, you can now see the number of new operations and attachments at a glance through numerical information.
From September 2020, this will also be possible at the operation or attachment level.

In the Infocenter you will find, among other things, common working documents and documents that can be exchanged between Testo Industrial Services and you, including calibration instructions. [Fig. 1]
In the detailed view of a gauge you can now link the field "Calibration instruction customer" directly with a corresponding calibration instruction from PRIMAS online. [Fig. 2]

From now on changes, new developments and bug fixes of PRIMAS online since its development can be tracked and exported in a changelog.

In the help center you can get valuable tips for working with PRIMAS online. Numerous help files and videos give you an overview of the functionalities and make it easier for you to use PRIMAS online in your daily work. To make it even easier for you to find the information you need from the Help Center, the Help Center now has a search field on the start page.

The non-descript system emails from PRIMAS online are now obsolete. Now you receive our emails in the usual Testo design. The emails will still only reach you if necessary.

Do you as a PRIMAS online customer already know the advantages of PRIMAS connect?
PRIMAS connect is a web service, which enables automated access to PRIMAS online or to all data in the data system of Testo Industrial Services GmbH, which can be called up in PRIMAS online. Besides the easy integration into your systems, PRIMAS connect reduces your waiting times for data retrieval and enables faster access without prior registration.
Get an overview and get to know PRIMAS connect.

Do you have any questions? We would be pleased to give you an insight into PRIMAS online. Make an individual appointment today with our PRIMAS experts and find out about our new products.

Primas online

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