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Accreditation Testo Industrial Services


News in the field of accreditation.


News in the field of accreditation

Top topic: Our new Accreditation Certificate!

Recently Testo Industrial Services received a new Accreditation Certificate. With this the competence of Testo Industrial Services - to conduct further accredited calibration - was again confirmed by the German Accreditation Body.
The scope of our accreditation is unique in Germany. The annex of the Accreditation Certificate from the location in Kirchzarten now comprises 133 pages with more than 200 accredited calibration procedures for the stationary laboratory and more than 100 calibration procedures for on-site calibrations.

The most important enhancements to our measurands, the locations and on-site are briefly summarized:

High frequency measurands:

Locations: Kirchzarten and on-site

  • Full spectrum analyzer calibration

- Phase noise
- Filter bandwidth
- Form factor
- Analog amplitude modulation/frequency modulation/phase modulation
- Signal level, signal level difference

  • Current transformer clamps (up to 1 GHz)
  • Extension of (on-site as well as in the laboratory) high frequency impedance/power, distortion factor, pulse shaping measurands)


Low frequency measurands:

Locations: Kirchzarten and on-site

  • Charge encoder/amplifier
  • Direct current strengt hup to 1000A
  • Current transformer
  • Alternating current active power and reactive power
  • Optical speed (RPM)
  • High voltage

Locations: Dachau, Essen, Hamburg, Mörfelden, Winsen and on-site

  • Direct current resistance
  • AC voltage
  • Alternation current strength
  • AC resistance
  • Temperature simulation


Dimensional measurands:

Locations: Kirchzarten, Dachau, Essen, Winsen and on-site 

  • Calibration of measuring projectors
  • Thread (diameter, pitch, angle)
  • Outside micrometers up to 500 mm
  • Fine dial indicator up to 200 mm
  • Depth gauge up to 300 mm
  • Micrometer head up to 50 mm
  • Angle, protactor
  • Flat rulers, hair rulers, tape measures, standards
  • Inclinometers

Mechanical measurands:

Locations: Kirchzarten, Dachau, Essen, Winsen and on-site

  • Acceleration up to 500 m/s²

Location: Dachau

  • Acceleration up to 500 m/s²
  • Calibration of torque according to DIN 51309
  • Calibration of angle of rotation sensors and wrenches VDI/VDE 2648

Location: Winsen

  • Pressure in gases


Flow rate measurands:

Location: On-site

  • Volume and mass flow of liquids and gases

Chemical measurands:

Location: Kirchzarten

  • pH and conductivity – calibration of measuring devices and measuring chains

New DAkkS certificate layout

Although the DAkkS/DKD calibration certificate has been in circulation for over 40 years, design, content and appearance have hardly changed in all these years. The appearance and design have a high recognition value, are established and have been reliably implemented by the accredited calibration laboratories in Germany. The strict requirements on form and content, especially the first page of the calibration certificate, were provided by the DAkkS-DKD-5 instructions for the creation of a calibration certificate, which was binding until 12 June 2019. In the course of the revision of the accreditation standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, the requirements for calibration certificates, which were partly based on special national regulations of the DKD or DAkkS, had to be revised.

The specifications of the international organizations such as ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) or EA (European cooperation for Accreditation) do not at all provide a fix layout for calibration certificates and calibration marks. Accordingly, the DAkkS-DKD-5 had to be withdrawn and was replaced by the 71 SD 0 025 "Presentation of Calibration Results and Use of the DAkkS Calibration Mark" document. In this document, requirements and notes on the layout of a sample calibration certificate are presented. These are only of a recommendatory character and not mandatory.

In the future, this may lead to a situation where the accredited calibration certificates of different service providers differ and thus make it difficult to compare them. But why change something that has proven itself? That is why we have decided that the previous layout at Testo Industrial Services will be used to a large extent. Thus, changes will only occur where additional and valuable information can be obtained for you. The following overview summarizes the innovations of the calibration certificate (DAkkS) of Testo Industrial Services:

DaKKs_Calibration Testo Industrial Services

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