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Thermodynamic calibration laboratory of Testo Industrial Services GmbH

High-precision calibration of reference standards

Calibration laboratories.


Calibration laboratories

High-precision calibration of reference standards

Regular calibration of your reference measuring equipment with the lowest measurement uncertainty is essential. In the process, the highest priority is given to reproducibility to national standards. In the electrical and thermodynamic primary laboratory of Testo Industrial Services, high quality reference standards are calibrated at the highest metrological level. Our reference instruments are directly connected to state institutes (PTB, METAS) and are considered to be metrological references in the traceability chain. Across Europe, Testo Industrial Services is notable for its very broad scope of accreditation with the lowest measurement uncertainties, for example:

  • Temperature from -196 to +1000 °C from 0.5 mK
  • Humidity from 0.05 K
  • Electrical from 55 x 10-9

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