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multifunctional temperatur calibrator

Multifunctional temperature calibrator

Thermator II.

Calibration equipment

Thermator II

Multifunctional temperature calibrator for the calibration of infrared measuring instruments, thermal imaging cameras or air and surface sensors

The Thermator II is a multifunction temperature calibrator that can be used both stationary and portable and is therefore flexible for carrying out temperature calibrations. It can be used for service purposes as well as for industrial and laboratory tasks. The measuring insert provides you with four different operating modes for the calibration of manufacturer-independent temperature sensors, thermometers (contact - also surface - and non-contact measuring), temperature switches/thermostats, resistance thermometers, thermocouples, infrared measuring devices and thermal imaging cameras.

You can easily switch between dry block, micro bath, infrared and surface functions. The specific inserts ensure easy and quick handling. With the insert accessories included in the scope of delivery you can easily change the sleeves and convert the Thermator II to the desired operating mode. The calibrator can be operated very easily via the touch screen.  For this purpose, the calibrator can be used for your own or predefined test tasks which control the calibration process.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Wide temperatur range from -35°C to +165°C 
  • Precise control: stability <±0.005°C 
  • A simplified and intuitive operating concept thanks to the new touch display 
  • Program temperature sequences yourself or use pre-set programmes
  • Optimised axial and radial homogeneity due to dry block insert with Air Shield technology 
  • Location-independent control via web interface

Dry Block Calibrator with Air Shield Technology

With the dry block insert, air sensors with a sensor diameter of 3.5mm, 4.5mm and 6.5mm can be calibrated (individual bore holes on request). Due to the new Air Shield technology, particularly high stability of ±<0.001...0.005 °C and accuracies of ±0.099 °C are achieved. The insert sleeve enables an optimal thermal coupling from block to test piece.

Micro calibration bath

Micro calibration bath

For the calibration of temperature sensors with special shapes and dimensions, such as an immersion sensor, the micro calibration bath is the optimal solution. Due to the direct contact of the immersion sensors with the calibration liquid, a very good heat transfer is guaranteed. The infinitely variable control of the magnetic stirrer ensures constant mixing of the calibration liquid, thus creating a large measuring zone. The sensor basket is used to protect the temperature sensors.

Dry Block Calibrator with Air Shield Technology

Infrared Calibration

The Thermator II contains an infrared insert for the calibration of infrared measuring devices and thermal imaging cameras. With an emissivity of only 0.9994, the insert is the optimal black body radiator. This is made possible by the surface coating and the special asymmetrical shape. Inside the infrared insert there is an additional hole in the sleeve to check the temperature with an external reference sensor.

Infrared sleeve

Surface Calibration

Surface probes can be calibrated with the help of the surface insert. For this purpose there are three holes under the surface of the insert. This allows the temperature to be checked with the aid of an external reference sensor. By switching to the external reference, the optimum temperature reference point on the surface is ensured.

Surface sleeve

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