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Calibration laboratories

Testo Industrial Services supports your company in the quality assurance of your processes and products with highly accurate calibration of reference standards from your calibration laboratories.

Regular calibration of your reference measuring equipment with the lowest measurement uncertainties is essential. The highest priority is given to traceability to national standards. In the electrical, thermodynamic and mechanical primary laboratories of Testo Industrial Services, high-quality reference standards are calibrated at the highest metrological level. Our reference instruments are directly connected to state institutes (PTB, METAS) and are regarded as the metrological link in the traceability chain. Throughout Europe, Testo Industrial Services is characterized by a very broad scope of accreditation with the lowest measurement uncertainties.

Thanks to the high level of metrological expertise of Testo Industrial Services, we are also able to perform profiency tests and comparative measurements for you. You can find more information about this service here

Our services for the calibration laboratory sector

Full Service for Calibration of Measuring Instruments


We are your full-service calibration provider for DAkkS calibrations and ISO/factory calibrations.

Logger for temperature calibration

Test equipment management

Our holistic test equipment management solution for compliance with standards and guidelines.


Collection and delivery service

We transport your high-quality test equipment safely and quickly.

Success stories

We support you in your projects and work towards your goals. You can find references to our successful projects here: 


Know-how, calibration, test equipment management, validation, qualification


Our technical articles provide you with expertise on the topics of calibration and test equipment management .  

Technical articles

In our Knowledge-Centre you will find answers from our experts to numerous questions from our specialist areas.