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Testo Industrial Services in Europe

As a leading provider of metrological services, we are there for you and represented throughout Europe with numerous locations. Find out which of our sites is close to you.

Our locations

Our headquarters in Kirchzarten
Testo Industrial Services GmbH 
Gewerbestr. 3 
79199 Kirchzarten 

Tel.: +49 7661 90901-0 
E-Mail: info(at)testotis.de
Web: www.testotis.de

Our delivery address
Calibration Factory
Erich-Rieder-Straße 4
79199 Kirchzarten

Tel.: +49 7661 90901-0 
E-Mail: info(at)testotis.de

Our head office in Egg
Testo Industrial Services AG 
Gewerbestrasse 12a 
8132 Egg 

Tel.: +41 43 277-1030 
E-Mail: info@testotis.ch 
Web: www.testotis.ch 


Our head office in Vienna
Testo Industrial Services GmbH 
Carlbergergasse 66 / Tor 4 
1230 Wien 

Tel.: +43 1 486 26 11-0 
E-Mail: info(at)testotis.at 
Web: www.testotis.at 

Our head office in Forbach
Testo Industrial Services SARL 
Zone d’activités Eurozone 
3 rue Jules Verne 
57600 Forbach 

Tel.:  +33 825 30 60 60 
E-Mail: info(at)testotis.fr
Web: www.testotis.fr 

Our head office in Cabrils (Barcelona)
Testo Industrial Services empresarial S.A.U.
S.A.U.PI La Baileta C/ B, nº 5
Cabrils (Barcelona)

Tel.: +34 93 2659-311 
E-Mail: info(at)testotis.es  
Web: www.testotis.es

Our head office in Ramsdell, Hampshire 
Testo Industrial Services Ltd 
Stanley House, Old Brick Kiln 
Monk Sherborne Road
Ramsdell, Hampshire 
RG26 5PR

Tel.: +44 1256 648989
E-Mail: info(at)testotis.co.uk 
Web: www.testotis.co.uk 

Our head office in Warsaw
Testo Industrial Services sp. z o.o.
Al. Krakowska 2A
02-284 Warszawa

Tel.: +48 22 1 19 22 69
E.-Mail: info(at)testotis.pl
Web: www.testotis.pl

Our head office in Budapest
Testo Industrial Services Kft.
Röppentyű utca 53.
1139 Budapest

Tel: +36 1 237 1749
E-Mail: info(at)testotis.hu
Web: www.testotis.hu

Calibration directly on your equipment

On-site calibration

No suitable location available?  We will also be pleased to come to you! Our qualified mobile technicians and engineers perform our services directly on your premises.  

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The Testo Group

Learn more about the entire Testo Group.