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Test equipment management PRIMAS online at Testo Industrial Services

All test equipment data at a glance

PRIMAS online.

Test equipment management

PRIMAS online

Web-based test equipment management

PRIMAS online provides you access to your test equipment data online – regardless of location and time, and with no need for installation of additional software. You can retrieve, change or store data at any time via your web browser. You can select different languages and access your test equipment data worldwide.

Benefit from the numerous features of our test equipment management portal PRIMAS online. From central master data maintenance to defining your individual notification steps – test equipment management via PRIMAS online offers you numerous advantages.

PRIMAS online

One system – multiple features

Keep track of your test equipment due dates for calibrations and plan in good time. You can enter the calibration interval manually.

Manage all of your test equipment in one system – regardless of the calibration service provider. Central master data maintenance allows the addition of images, specifications or data sheets, for example.

Generate your delivery note directly in PRIMAS online quickly and easily and send it in with your test equipment for calibration. This is how it works: scan in the relevant test equipment number or mark the test equipment directly in PRIMAS online and send to Testo Industrial Services.

Get an overview of the number and type of test equipment and assign it to the right areas in your company. In PRIMAS online, you can individually allocate your test equipment to your business divisions and organise the handling of your test equipment in different ways.

From the order to the invoice – in PRIMAS online, you can view and save all business documentation involved in the handling process.

Writing, reading or certificate access rights: assign the respective user permissions to your employees quickly and easily, thereby specifying who can view and edit which information.

Cross-sector expertise

Success stories

Expert tip

Thomas Richter, Head of Test Equipment Management Testo Industrial Services

“Configure PRIMAS online to your individual requirements: reminder function, field labelling, access rights and much more. So you can concentrate on your core business. Knowing that your test equipment management is in safe hands.”

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