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The Order FAQ section answers all questions about your order - from submission to processing status.

How do I send in a piece of test equipment?

You can send us your test equipment at any time. For this we need the following company information from you:

  • Your company with delivery address
  • Your customer number (if already available)
  • A contact person at your company with telephone number and e-mail address
  • Billing address (If different from shipping address)

In addition, information about the calibration to be performed is essential. Please note for each piece of test equipment which measuring points (special measuring points) are to be calibrated and whether an ISO or an accredited calibration is required.
Are there any special features in the calibration of your test equipment? Then please include this with your submission.

Please find the address of our nearest location to you under the following link

 Our locations

I have not received an order confirmation. Has my test equipment arrived?

As a rule, the test equipment requires approx. 24 hours from receipt of goods until the order is recorded. If no order confirmation is available, this may be due to deviating information on the test equipment, among other things. In such a case, please send the following documents/information to your personal contact:

  • Customer delivery bill that accompanied the goods
  • Information on the test equipment (e.g. EQ numbers/serial no., etc.)
  • Signed proof of delivery

How do I get information about the current processing status of the calibration?

For information on the processing status of your calibration, contact:

Is express calibration possible?

Testo Industrial Services offers you a 48-hour express calibration for standard calibrations on request at an extra charge. Please contact our sales department in advance: info(at)testotis.com

What is the difference between a cost estimate & repair estimate?

Cost estimate:

  • In a cost estimate, all costs, costs of calibration and repair, are listed. The preparation of a cost estimate is subject to a fee (the amount is charged when the order is received). You will not receive an order confirmation in advance, only a goods receipt slip confirming the delivery of your equipment.

Repair estimate:

  • A repair estimate lists the repair costs, the costs of recalibration as well as the prices of the order confirmation.

Did you know that you can edit your open estimates with just a few clicks. To do this, simply log in or register on our portal:

Testo Industrial Services Portal

How do I find the status of my packages (shipment tracking)?

You can track your orders free of charge in the Testo Industrial Services portal under the "Orders" tab. In addition to the order tracking, you will also find the tracking number for tracking your packages here.