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PRIMAS connect – Zugriff auf Prüfmittel-Stammdaten

Automated retrieval of gauge data

PRIMAS connect as a web service for automated access.

Test equipment management

PRIMAS connect as a web service for automated access

A REST API allows automated retrieval of test equipment master data and calibration certificates from customer systems/applications or documents

PRIMAS connect is a web service, which enables automated access to PRIMAS online or to all data in the data system of Testo Industrial Services GmbH that can be called up in PRIMAS online.

The identification/authentication is done via a customer-specific token, which enables automated access without prior registration at PRIMAS online. By this so-called Web-API both master data and the respective last certificates can be retrieved. Via PRIMAS connect calls (hyperlinks) from customer systems/applications or documents are also possible. The return of the master data takes place in the machine-readable VDI format as XML or as JSON.

Typical application examples:

Before an employee starts a production line, the availability of the respective test equipment must be checked. The system is only released after a successful check for the status and due date of the test equipment. For this purpose, the employee identifies himself at the system with his personal ID card. During this logon process, web service requests are sent in the background via PRIMAS connect, which query the status and current due date of the assigned test equipment.

In a regulation for the testing of product properties at one of our customers, it is necessary that the test equipment used for the test steps employed has a valid calibration certificate. By clicking on the corresponding link in the customer's test specification, the last calibration certificate is called up and displayed in a window for testing. If the document is missing, appropriate measures can be defined within the test specification.

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