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Testo equipment management of Testo Industrial Services

Keep your CAQ system up-to-date without manual maintenance

Exchange according to VDI/VDE 2623 with PRIMAS exchange.

Test equipment management

Exchange according to VDI/VDE 2623 with PRIMAS exchange

Automated data exchange between your MES/CAQ system and your calibration service provider

PRIMAS exchange is an individual IT solution of Testo Industrial Services to simplify the management of test equipment.

PRIMAS exchange enables a simple, automated data exchange via VDI/VDE 2623 between your specific MES/CAQ system and your calibration service provider. Via an individual interface the data required for calibration is transferred to Testo Industrial Services. After calibration, the updated test equipment data including calibration data and the calibration certificate are automatically returned to you. This two-way data exchange via PRIMAS exchange has the advantage that your MES/CAQ system is always up to date without manual maintenance effort, for example in Excel. Benefit from measurement raw data that can be retrieved at any time and the possibility to further process individual measured values, e.g. for trend analyses

With the creation of a calibration order, the test equipment data required for calibration is transmitted to Testo Industrial Services in VDI/VDE 2623 XML format. After Testo Industrial Services has picked up the test equipment, a calibration order is entered in SAP/PRIMAS. The test equipment data and the calibration order are then forwarded to the respective calibration laboratories. After the calibration has been carried out, the measurement results (as PDF) and the transaction data in SAP/PRIMAS are transferred online by Testo. The master data and calibration certificates are additionally archived in SAP. When the delivery note is created, the updated test equipment data and the calibration certificates are returned to the customer's MES/CAQ system via VDI/VDE 2623 XML file.

The test equipment is managed as usual in your own MES/CAQ system. Testo Industrial Services has been cooperating with a selection of CAQ partners, such as Babtec CAQ R6, for years. We are continuously expanding our selection of partners. If you wish, we can also send you calibration certificates free of charge by e-mail - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Expert tip

“With PRIMAS exchange, you can automatically transfer your calibration data, e.g. all calibration certificates, between your calibration partner and your MES/CAQ system. This means that you don’t need to maintain the data manually and are always up to date.”

Stefan Hugle, expert for PRIMAS exchange at Testo Industrial Services

PRIMAS exchange

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