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PRIMAS Test Equipment Management

The PRIMAS FAQ section answers questions about our PRIMAS test equipment management system.

I need an authorization for PRIMAS online.

To do so, simply click on the button "New here?" on our website http://www.primasonline.com and fill in the fields displayed there. Then click on [Register] and you will receive your personal access data to PRIMAS online.

I need another access to PRIMAS online.

To do this, register again on our website http://www.primasonline.com and enter an alternative user name there using your customer number and e-mail address.

For more information on our test equipment management system, click here: 

PRIMAS online & mobile

I need a new password/user at PRIMAS online.

On the PRIMAS online login page, click the "Forgot your password?" link. After entering your user name and customer number, you will immediately be sent a new initial password.

How do I find the calibration certificate for my test equipment?

You can call up your test equipment directly via the test equipment quick search on the PRIMAS online start page. Simply enter your test equipment number, inventory number, serial number, designation or equipment number. On the profile of the found test equipment you will find the last issued calibration certificate. Tip: In the history you will find all certificates already created for a piece of test equipment.

You are not yet registered with PRIMAS online? No problem, because even without registration you can easily download your calibration certificates at www.primasonline.com/primas/?page=Zertifikatsdownload​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

How do I access the reference certificates from Testo Industrial Services GmbH?

Select the quicklink "Certificate download" in the header of PRIMAS online. After entering the certificate number and the equipment number of our reference devices, you can download the certificate directly as a PDF file or display it. You will find the details of the reference equipment we use on the 2nd page of each calibration certificate we issue for you.

Is there a help center for PRIMAS online?

You can access the current help centre via the PRIMAS online start page. To do so, click on the button "Help Center" button in the tile "Contact & Support" . You will then be forwarded directly to the online help centre.