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What is test equipment management/ monitoring/ administration?

The following knowledge page answers questions on the subject of test equipment management, monitoring and administration. You will get an overview of the requirements for monitoring your test equipment as well as information about our test equipment management solution PRIMAS.

What does test equipment monitoring / measuring equipment monitoring mean?

The test equipment management is a component of quality management. It is aimed at ensuring and maintaining the quality, reliability, operational capability and readiness of the test equipment in a company. Monitoring should enable test equipment to perform as required at all times. Thus, test equipment management is a method for increasing process capability.

Why test equipment management / test equipment monitoring? 

The subject of test equipment management/test equipment monitoring is an area in the company which is of very great importance. Due to the increasing number of standards and directives to be fulfilled, globalisation and the increasing quality awareness, ever higher demands are also being placed on test equipment. In order to meet these requirements, it is necessary to monitor all test equipment on an ongoing basis, for example to ensure that calibrations and tests are carried out on time. With the help of a test equipment management software, you can put aside manual efforts and obtain all relevant test equipment data at a glance.

 Learn more about the test equipment management solutions at Testo Industrial Services: 

Test equipment management

What is the PRIMAS test equipment management solution? 

The test equipment management solution PRIMAS from Testo Industrial Services offers you a holistic solution for managing your test equipment. In PRIMAS, calibration and documentation management are intertwined. In addition, the integration of our logistics solution and simplified organization complete the test equipment management solution. With our test equipment management, you can monitor your measuring equipment in an audit-proof manner without having to install any software. 

What are PRIMAS IT solutions?

The PRIMAS IT module includes our IT solutions for your test equipment management. With PRIMAS online and mobile you can access your test equipment data both via internet-based and mobile access. PRIMAS validated is available to you as a validated test equipment management system. With our solution PRIMAS exchange we offer you an automated data exchange via VDI/VDE 2623 between your specific MES/CAQ system and our stored test equipment data. PRIMAS connect as a web service enables fully automated information retrieval of all test equipment master data from PRIMAS online, which is directly integrated into your value added process.

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