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Proficiency tests and comparative measurements

You can fully trust our experts in the field of metrology to perform proficiency tests and comparative measurements. We can overcome any of your challenges and ensure that your measurement procedures are valid.

Testo Industrial Services is an accredited provider of proficiency testing in the thermodynamic and dimensional environment according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010.

Comparative measurements can additionally be carried out in a non-accredited framework according to the current service portfolio of Testo Industrial Services.

Proficiency tests and comparative measurements are usually to be performed as interlaboratory comparisons with several participating laboratories. In addition, Testo Industrial Services also offers the possibility of completing individual bilateral comparisons. Here, the task description and the time of execution are variable, coordination with of our metrology experts is required, please feel free to ask us.

Your advantage: Our competence

  • Extensive metrological know-how
  • Close cooperation with renowned national metrology institutes
  • Comprehensive accreditation certificate
  • Continuous development and setting new standards - in calibration, quality and reliability

Current interlaboratory comparisons

Comparative measurement for flow rate

  • Flow measurement variables: flow rate
  • Subject: Pitot tube
  • Planned launch: Q4 2024

Detailed information will follow!

Comparative measurement for relative humidity

  • Thermodynamic measurand: Relative humidity
  • Object: Hygrometer
  • Planned lauch: Q3 2024

More information

Do you have questions about performing comparative measurements or proficiency tests? Then contact us directly via the contact form: 

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